Moon Of Lies
Last Updated
6 days ago
Release Date
December 11th, 2019
Mature (18+)
Country of Origin
Tsukishiro Sou chose to enter the same high school with his childhood friend Kashiwagi, for whom he secretly has feelings for. He happily spends each day at school with her, despite knowing that she chose to go to this school to chase after her first and current love interest. Sou's eyes possess a special ability inherited from his vampire father, called "Temptation." Its power allows the user to make anyone fall in love with them just by making eye contact. Those affected will do anything for the user no matter how dangerous or unfavourable it is. Sou sealed this power because it led to the death of his mother, but it unexpectedly ends up activating. A story of a pure, dark love twisted by the power to control the hearts of others.